A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Carrot Quest is a 2D platformer where you are a rabbit named Hopper, tasked at collecting sentient carrots scattered across the map. Originally going to be a much larger game physically and narrative-wise, but had to be cut down due to time constraints and illness.

It is simple, but I was mainly focusing on the art aspect of the game.

Final assignment for my Game Design Workshop class.

Team size: 1 (Myself)

My role: Created the initial concept, programmed the game, and made all the art.

Programs Used: Unity Engine, Visual Studio 2017, Piskel, Adobe Photoshop.

Programming Language: C#

Install instructions

Download your corresponding OS zip file, right click on the file, extract it, and select the Unity build file to play.

If the Mac and Linux builds do not work, let me know. I am unfamiliar with building for those operating systems. I will fix them.


Windows Build 16 MB
Mac Build 18 MB
Linux Build 17 MB

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