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Gamepad; Dpad/joystick for Movement, West Button for interact! West, South, and East button to select characters, Dpad/joystick to move around  menus! Good Luck everybody! 

Project Lullaby is a 2D rhythm-based role-playing game set in a fantasy world of felines. Upon awakening in a dark, mysterious land, guide Zen and her newly met friends through the hazardous Violet Grove.

Started around October 2020 as a student side project, Project Lullaby is a multi-school collaboration, featuring students and alumni from Fitchburg State University, MassArt, and Berklee College.


Kris Camp - Director, Lead Animator, Programmer, Composer

Tori Croteau - Lighting Artist, VFX Artist, Level Designer, Programmer, Producer

Gabriel DeBenedict - Composer, Orchestrator

Veronica Hazen - 2D Animator + Illustrator, Concept Artist, Level Designer, UI Designer. 

Tobey-Julian Joseph - Lead Audio Engineer + Designer, Music Composer, Beatmap Designer, Voice Over Director, Programmer

Alura Leet - 2D Illustrator, Environment Artist, Concept Artist, UI Designer

Fintan Neff - Lead Programmer

Benjamin Pielocik - 2D Animator and Artist, Environment Artist, Concept Artist, Level Designer

Voice Actors:

Xynone Cabal -  (Zendaya)

Maxell Eisenhaure - (Chop)

Emily Stone - (Lydia)

Special Thanks To:

Mary Baker

Kevin McCarthy

Abe Tena 

Samuel Tobin 


Project Lullaby v1.1.zip 136 MB

Install instructions

Download/unzip, And then play. :)

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